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Cat Grooming

At Lisburn Dog Groomers & Small Pet care, we are proud to be able to offer cat grooming by our team of professionals. Our team of qualified and experienced cat groomers provide a one-stop-shop spa experience for your pet, with salon exclusivity to ensure a low-stress environment. We take a number of steps to keep your cat calm, including using calming scents, providing regular breaks, and never being heavy-handed. Rest assured that your cat will be treated with kindness and care during their visit with us.

Ginger Cat

Cat Nail Clipping

Cats' sharp claws can cause damage to furniture and even people. Regular nail clipping can help prevent this and keep your cat's claws healthy. Our Pet Professionals use proper techniques and tools to avoid hurting your cat during the process. You can make a Nail Clipping appointment by contacting our reception.

Cat Full Groom

Great to hear that you're interested in our professional cat grooming service! At our salon, we specialize in long-haired breeds and cats that struggle to groom themselves properly. Our service fully removes all dead coat from your pet, making their coat shiny, fresh, and tangle-free. Regular grooming helps prevent matting, which can be uncomfortable or even painful for your pet. Book now for a grooming experience that includes brushing, detangling, dematting, nail trimming, and coat conditioning.

Having a Bath

Cat Bathing

At our grooming salon, we understand that not every cat requires a full grooming session. That's why we offer add-ons that you can choose from to create a personalized treatment package for your feline friend. If your cat enjoys a good bath, we can provide one after a standard groom to remove any dead coat or to simply give them extra soft and clean fur. Our professional team is dedicated to providing the best care for your furry companion.

Cat Ears & Faces

Great news for cat owners! We offer a special treatment to clean up your cat's face from dirt and debris. Our cleansing wipes for cats are gentle and effective, leaving your pet looking fresh and clean. This treatment can be added to a standard groom or done as a standalone service.

Cat Close Up
Cat With Blue Eyes

Cat Brushing & Combing

At our grooming salon, we understand the importance of brushing out minor mats and tangles in your cat's coat. Not only does it improve their appearance, but it also prevents parasites and skin issues. For larger mats, we use a gentle approach and clip them away if necessary, always ensuring your cat's comfort and safety. Our calming environment and gentle handling make us the perfect choice for your cat's grooming needs. We recommend a frequency of every 2 - 4 weeks for this service.

Cat Grooming Products

We stock brushes, combs and a variety of conditioners that you can purchase to keep your cat in great condition between visits to us.

Cat Portrait
A cat starring

Appointment Bookings

Contact us today to discuss your cat grooming needs and receive a telephone estimate. For smaller treatments, we offer a convenient while-you-wait 30-minute appointment. Our standard full groom is a 4-hour slot, allowing us to complete the groom in stages and give your cat regular breaks to prevent excess stress. Don't forget to hide the cat carrier until the morning of your appointment to avoid any mysterious disappearances!"

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