Ultrasonic Dental Hygiene

At Lisburn Dog Groomers we are pleased to offer a teeth cleaning service like no other, throw your basic toothbrushes in the bin, Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning is the best preventative measure against Tartar build up and periodontal disease.

We have two different devices available, our original device is the Emmi-Pet which is the pet version of the popular Emmi-Dent, since purchasing the Cleany Teeth version we now offer the Emmi-Pet to regulars on a rental agreement for home use. See below for more details.

We use the Cleany Teeth in the salon, as we find the Emmi-Pet requires a more regular routine and more initial sessions to create results, which is perfectly fine for home use but when time restricted in a salon we want the best results possible for our clients in the time allowed.

Results vary depending on the severity of the build up of plaque, if we feel your pet requires Veterinary Advice we may not be able to offer your pet the Teeth Cleaning Service. Also when pets show distress or aggression during the teeth cleaning the process will be stopped immediately.

Cleany Teeth at Lisburn Dog Groomers

The Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning add on is very popular in the salon added onto a groom or can be booked on its own. The initial 40min Treatment costs £20 with every Follow Up Treatment costing only £10. 

Before booking an appointment just for teeth cleaning your pet will require a free trial to ensure we can carry out the teeth cleaning required, this will only take about 5 mins and can be done at anytime just by calling into the salon, where we can do a trial then book an appointment for your initial session.

For dogs with a bad build up of tartar we recommend a £20 40min session weekly until the tartar has broken down and then a follow up treatment monthly thereafter to maintain results.

Terms & Conditions

Lisburn Dog Groomers Ltd offers Cleany Teeth in the Salon & Rental of the Emmi-Pet for home use on a weekly basis. These terms and conditions apply to the Cleany Teeth plan at Lisburn Dog Groomers Ltd

Whilst this method of dental Hygiene is highly effective in removing mild tartar, improving gums & mouth health & breath, Lisburn Dog Groomers Ltd cannot guarantee the treatments effectiveness or suitability for individual dogs due to varying external factors such as diet or underlying health problems.

The initial 40min treatment and any 40min follow up treatments are charged at £20 per session, for mild cases a 20min initial treatment and follow up 20min treatments are charged at £10.

If we feel any teeth are loose or at risk of becoming loose when the tartar comes off we may request you get your pets teeth checked at your veterinarian before commencing treatment. It is possible that the tartar build up may be too great and then a veterinary dental may be necessary initially to then follow up with Ultrasonic Maintenance visits at Lisburn Dog Groomers Ltd.

Lisburn Dog Groomers Ltd and their employees cannot be held responsible for any problems occurring from poor dentition, during or after any ultrasonic treatments. Our ultrasonic Treatment is not a veterinary procedure and Lisburn Dog Groomers Ltd and our staff cannot diagnose any problems with your dogs mouth.

Emmi-Pet for Home Use

We are able to offer our Emmi-Pet system for rental to our regular customers, we believe this works better when more time is spent on it and if you have that time at home to work with your pet you can avail of a discount compared to our Cleany Teeth at Lisburn Dog Groomers.

When you rent out our Emmi-Pet you get a fresh Toothbrush Head and our device fully charged and ready to work with at home. 

Rental costs £50 per 7 days and we ask for a £150 Deposit which is returned when the device is returned at the end of the 7 day period.

You can use the Emmi-Pet as much or as little as you want in the week, we advice using it as much as possible to get the most out of your £50!

We advice using it little and often with your pet at home as this is how you will get the best results, we recommend 3 x 20min sessions per day in bad cases and 2 x 30mins a day for less build up.

The £200 is paid at the start of the 7 days and the device must be returned 7 days later or you will lose your £150 deposit.

If the device is damaged in anyway or doesnt work when returned after the 7 days due to negligence you will also lose your £150 deposit.

Emmi-Pet Results after 1 x 20mins session


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