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Puppies are like sponges they absorb every experience while young and this affects how they react to certain triggers in the future as they mature. This is why it's important for everything to be a positive experience for them, every new experience and situation should be made into something good. This is the same for grooming experiences, and why we suggest breaking your puppy in gently to grooming, with lots of treats and praise throughout. When you get your new puppy regardless of the breed you should consider spending time getting them used to grooming before they are old enough to visit a grooming salon. * Do's & Don'ts * Do spend short spells teaching your puppy handing skills by touching all areas of their bodies but don't allow them to bite you while you do this. Praise and give treats while doing this. Do brush your puppy with a gentle brush to start and encourage them to enjoy brushing don't make this a game and don't let them bite the brush. Again Treats and lots of praise. Do brush all areas spending particular attention to their legs/feet faces/ears tail and their bellies, don't force them to endure this but encourage them to relax. When "playing with your puppy" don't chase them with a hoover/hairdrier, hose/water or chase their feet. This encourages them to react to the grooming equipment and process at the groomers making their grooming difficult from the off. Do book your puppy in for regular grooming sessions once they have had their vaccines (approx 12/13 weeks of age) We recommend every 3/4 weeks to start with until your puppy is confident then you can stretch this out to 6/8 weeks as they get older. Don't wait until they are 6 months+ for their first groom as they are more likely to be less understanding and get scared, they are also likely to be a bit matted in places and require more time or clipped shorter to remove the matts this is not a first time positive experience. For any advice on grooming and introduction to grooming for puppies please speak to one of our staff. #Lisburn #DogGroomers #lisburndoggroomers #calm #happydog #HelpUsHelpThem #HappyOwner #HappyGroomer #puppy #Grooming #Dog #PuppyGrooming


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