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Grooming based on our knowledge and experience grooming. Without a doubt the most popular dogs we see in the salon recently are the poodle crosses or Doodles as they are fondly known.

Unfortunately these are marketed as 'low maintenance' and 'non shedding breeds' , which isn't the case. Depending on how they are bred some will still shed considerably and some will require regular professional grooming as often as once a month to keep their thick coats in check. Keep in mind all dogs shed, whether you notice this or not it will just depend how much or how little they shed their coat.

We can split the coat types normally into four sections, Coarse, Smooth, Wavy and Wool. The Coarse and smooth coats usually shed the most, these coats are more common throwbacks when a Doodle is bred to a Doodle instead of the F1 cross (Poodle x Whatever) these coats require brushing 2-3 times a week and professional grooming approximately every 8-10 weeks

The wavy coat doesn't shed just as much as the two mentioned above, and depending on the cross/breeding some of these coats are the easier to maintain than the wool coats. They require daily brushing/combing and professional grooming every 6-8 weeks.

The wool coat is the least shedding coat and when wet and left to dry it will look very curly indeed. This is the hardest coat to maintain and requires daily brushing and combing to prevent matts developing. They require professional grooming every 4-6 weeks. Another thing to consider is you can get 'health tested Pedigree Dog Breeds that look like doodles when trimmed and styled and usually they cost less than the doodle crossbreed.

For those looking a longer style on their Doodles we recommend a monthly grooming appointment. If this isn't keeping the coat matt free a maintenance groom on a fortnightly basis will help. We love styling Doodles and creating a look their owner will also love but we can only groom to a high standard with a matt free coat.

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