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Sanity Before Vanity





Discover the Difference Nature Makes

At Lisburn Dog Groomers we are advocates for all things natural and holistic.

This means all the products we use in the salon are 100% natural to provide the best holistic care for your pet.

We believe in natural products because we can see the difference it makes since changing over from chemical based products many years ago.

There is less chance of a reaction to natural products and we believe it to be the best way to maintain healthy skin and coat, ensuring a happy dog.

Cruelty & Force Free

Lisburn Dog Groomers staff are fully trained to work with difficult dogs, they will never put a dogs haircut as a priority over a dogs welfare, including its mental state.

This means whilst in our care if your dog shows nervousness or fear of a particular element of the grooming process, we will work with the dog over a period of time to overcome this fear.


We will not force them to endure something and break the trust between groomer and your pet.

This may mean your dogs haircut will not be perfect but we will always ensure your dogs health and wellbeing.

You can Always Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Our staff take pride in their work, they are forever encouraged to undertake additional training or attend seminars to extend their knowledge.

A few courses they have attended include, handling difficult dogs, pet first aid, Asian fusion grooming and 30 ways to improve customer care.

All our staff are fully trained initially by Emma to her very high standard of care and grooming.

All Staff are either level 3 qualified or currently working towards their level 3 qualifications.

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